When you begin to plan any life centred celebration there are always many questions - hopefully the list below will help answer some of those questions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you as a celebrant book the funeral or wedding venue?

Usually the family or a couple have made the booking at a venue for the ceremony. I will always look at the venue and ask questions as to what facilities they provide.

How long do we meet with you to arrange a funeral service?

I would usually visit you at your home at a mutually conveinent time. I would spend roughly an hour with you gathering information which will assist me in the writing of the service.

What does everyone else do - is there a normal thing to do?

Both weddings and funerals should be as individual as the lives that are being celebrated. For a funeral - what do you think your loved one would want - are they a private person who would not want their life shared with the public. In a wedding ceremony, it is about the couple and what they want to make their day so special and about the two of them.

Do you as the celebrant write the eulogy for a funeral and story for a wedding?

On my home page I speak about us working as a team. I can write the life stories for both funerals and weddings, but sometimes it can come across better when told by those who have lived the story. With any ceremony, it is about keeping those present engaged in the moment - don't ramble and go over the same thing; keep it moving and not too long. It is amazing how much you can fit in into a short time.