Writing a Eulogy

Place and Date of birth

Parents Names

Siblings Names

Where they grew up


What they were like as a child (stories you may have heard over the years)

Sports as a child and teenager – hobbies

Leaving school – what did they do for work

What did they get up to as a young person

Meeting partner – marriage details and to whom

Where they lived


What they were like as a parent

Holidays away


Sports / football team

Retirement – what did they do

Later years

Grand children / great grandchildren – what do they call them

Illness / last days


Any funny stories etc




Usually the best eulogies are when they are written as a story.  You don't want to use too many dates and write it in a strict order of life sequences.  Often a eulogy or story will jump from one period of life to another - such as you may cover where they were born and grew up and their schooling, what they were like as a young person.  You may then cover all of their work history in one go before heading into marriage or family information.  You will notice that once you start to write - things will flow; don't force things to come.

Please use the guide above to jog your memories.